10 Solutions for When You Can’t Sleep is a Guest Post by Kate Howard

Falling asleep can be hard work, I get it. Especially if you have a mind as active as mine.

Some of us can only find time to exercise at night, and this releases endorphins which makes us happy and even less inclined to want to hop into that bed.

On top of all of this there is nothing worse than waking up tired because you couldn’t get to sleep earlier.

The good news is, I have ten solutions that will help you get to sleep at night and prepare you for a killer day following.

Did you know that genetics can play a role in your sleeping habits? Science tells us that genetics can mean you have a fast or slow running body clock. A slower body clock means you are a night owl. 

Don’t worry though, lifestyle changes can significantly influence this characteristic.

10 Solutions for When You Can’t Sleep

1. Meditation

We’ve all heard it before but you don’t have to sit down for two hours and stress about trying super hard to switch you mind off (I’ve done it). There are plenty of podcasts out there and you can choose to listen as long or as short as you want to help slow the breathing down and intern the heart rate.

2. Put your devices away an hour before bed

The screen keeps your mind active. I always keep a paper and pen next to my bed to jot anything down I am worry about forgetting. Both night-time and my cozy bed is a great ideas time for me.

3. Herbal Tea

If you are saying yuck, don’t speak to soon. There are so many teas out there you are bound to find one you like. I absolutely love to make a ginger tea and put a teaspoon of honey and lemon in there. Soothes the throat, warms the body, calms yourself down (no caffeine) and best of all it tastes amazing.

4. Read a book

This gets me every time. If you are the kind of person that can’t put a book down when it gets really good then I recommend you start reading early!

5. Don’t have dessert

The sugar will send you on a high. Replace dessert with the tea option for something sweet still. Alternatively you can get many decaf english breakfast now-a-days and add a teaspoon of sugar to make sure you still get a hit of something.

6. Establish a regular bedtime routine

Train your body and you will adapt.

7. Have a bath

With lavender and epsom salts to relax.

8. Drink some hot milk

If you avoided dessert maybe add in a biscuit (or two) to get rid of that craving

9. Turn the lights down 

Once you have settled into your new mattress (we recommend looking at leesa vs casper mattress reviews to find a new mattress to suit you) it is time to turn the lights down so it feels like it’s getting darker in your room too, replicate that same concept the sky does from day to night. Your body will get the hint.

10. Sheep counting

Not kidding. Visual those beautiful white sheep jumping over the fence one by one. If your mind really is all over the shop this is the best technique. It forces you to focus on one thing that does not stress you and its simple. I find counting down helps because there’s an end.

Have you tried any of these before? Let us know what works for you!


Fitness enthusiast, Group Fitness Instructor and editor over at Wondrous. Inspiring people to live, healthy, active lifestyles and enjoy doing it. Kate is a lover of learning new things and sharing everything with her friends and family. Also a future dog owner. 


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