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So,  you’ve written an awesome blog post, created some fab images and made sure it has each of the 8 things you should include in every blog post and you’ve hit “publish” Awesome! You’re done… actually you’re not! Here are 10 things to do once you’ve published a blog post.

1. Recheck it

Being the awesome blogger that you are, I know you will have already read through your post and edited it before you hit publish, but it is always a good thing to go back and check over the post once it is published and sitting pretty in your blog feed. Check for spelling and grammatical errors, check that the post is displaying correctly on your blog and also check that all links are working. It seems obvious, but in the busyness of life, it’s the smile things that can be missed!

2. Create Graphics for Social Media

You’re going to want to promote your post, and to do this effectively,  you will need some gorgeous, attention-grabbing graphics to use on social media. Also keep you brand style in mind and create images accordingly with fonts, colours and photography style that is in keeping with that brand style. 

Pro Tips: 

  • Creating your graphics at the optimised size for the various social media networks will give you the best results:
    • Instagram: 1080px x1080px saved as .jpg
    • Twitter: 1024px x 512px saved as .jpg
    • Facebook: 472px x 394px saved as .png
    • Pinterest: 735px wide x any height – but tall and thin (portrait) images are best – saved as .jpg
  • Always add the title of the blog post to the image
  • Don’t forget to add your blog’s URL to the image so people will always be able to find your post, even if the link is broken

3. Share on Facebook

Head to Facebook and share your post on your blog’s page and include a link so your readers can click right on through to read the full post. You can either do this on Facebook, or you can set up your WordPress blog to automatically publish to Facebook when your post goes live. (How to here

Don’t forget to also check out any Facebook groups you are a part of to see if they offer the opportunity to share a link to your post. Make sure you read the group guidelines though as many have strict rules about self-promotion.

Check out more tips on Facebook here.

4. Pin It!

Pinterest is super important when it comes to driving traffic to your blog, so you are definitely going to want to Pin it to your boards. As mentioned in my recent post all about the pin boards you should have to grow your following, it is important to have a board set up specifically as a place where you can pin your own blog posts. 

Give your pin a great description including any keywords someone might use while using the search function in Pinterest.

Group Pin Boards are a stellar way to get your blog post out amongst more readers. Join some group boards which cover the kinds of topics you blog about and pin your blog post to the applicable group boards once you have published them.

For more tips on Pinterest, take a look here.

5. Tweet It Out

Send out a tweet to all your followers about your post. Include an image for impact and make sure to use any relevant hashtags to try to reach as many tweeters as possible!

This can also be set up to happen automatically when your blog post is published. Find out how here.

Get more Twitter tips here.

6. Post it to Instagram

Instagram is my favourite social media network. I love how visual it is and chances are your blog will appeal to Instagrammers too! Add a great caption keeping the main point within the first couple of lines as Instagram now only shows part of your long captions at first glance.  Just like with Twitter, hashtags can open up your post to a whole new world of fresh eyes and potential new readers, so make use of them and tag your post with any relevant hashtags.

Also add the direct link, or your blog’s URL to your Instagram profile and add something like “link in bio” so your readers know they can easily taps through to the post.

7. Schedule Follow-Up Posts on Social Media

Unfortunately we can’t assume that every follower on every social media platform will see every post you publish. We all live busy lives and can’t keep up with everything all the time. So a great way to try to get your blog post in front of more of your followers is to schedule for your blog post shout out to be published to social media more than once. It can also serve as a great reminder to readers who saw it and wanted to check out your post, but forgot!

The timing of this will differ depending on what your blog schedule is like, but you might consider a week later, then again in a month’s time, and if still relevant, perhaps again in a couple of months. There are all kinds of scheduling programs and apps out there that can help you do this, like HootSuite and Buffer and more. 

8. Add it to your Newsletter

Your email newsletter is a great place to promote and share news from your blog, including new blog posts. Get organised and add an excerpt of your blog post to the draft of your next newsletter. Include an image and a link and it will be ready to go when you’re ready to finish off your newsletter and send it out!

9. Respond to Comments

The best part of blogging is interacting with your readers and the most common way readers reach out is through leaving a comment on your blog or social media. Take the time to respond to any comments that have been left for you. Answer any questions with thought and acknowledge any other comments to make sure your readers know you read their comments and appreciate them. This is the best way to connect and build a community!

10. Check It’s Progress

This isn’t something you will be able to do straight away as it takes time for the data to collect, but you can check on how well your post is doing by checking out its analytics. Doing this will help you know how people are discovering this post, where they are clicking through from and how popular it is. If it’s a popular post, consider doing a follow-up post on the same topic to delve into the subject more deeply. If it’s not doing so well, perhaps it’s not of great interest to your audience, and that is a valuable thing to learn.

Now you’re done! Well, not really, there’s always more to do when it comes to running and blog and business, isn’t there!?

At least, though,  you now know the 10 things to do once you’ve published a blog post and can make the most of all your time spent and hard work. 

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What else do you do after you have published a blog post? Let me know in the comments.

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