Blogging is awesome for all kinds of reasons, but did you know it can help you grow as a person too? It can! Today I am sharing 5 ways blogging can help your personal growth to show it’s more than just a hobby or business, but good for your personally too!

1. Build Organisational Skills

Whether you already consider yourself to be pretty organised or it is an area you feel you really need to improve on, blogging will help you build organisational skills. There’s research to do, images to create or find, writing, editing, promotion, engagement and much more to do. How are you doing to get it all done? By being organised! Write yourself lists, have a daily, weekly, monthly planner to keep things visual and planned out. Work out processes to streamline and maximise your time. These are all skills that will help you in life, work and business and can all be exercised and perfected through blogging!

2. Establish Discipline

We all know those people who set their mind to do something and they just do it! Their secret is discipline! Establishing a pattern of discipline in your blogging by sticking to the schedule you create for yourself and sitting down to write, with out distractions will flow on into other areas of your life and you will reap a great sense of achievement and accomplishment from it as well as it benefiting you at work or in your business.

3. Be Flexible

Being flexible when things don’t go according to plan is such a valuable skill to have. For all your planning and discipline, there will be times when blogging throws you a curve ball and plans will have to change accordingly. Perhaps during the exact time you have set aside to schedule your social media posts, the app you use is down for maintenance, or your phone battery dies and you forgot your charger. It might be frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. Your plan will need to change and your schedule might be disrupted, but if you learn to be flexible and roll with it, then you will save yourself a lot of stress and worry, and will still get everything done. Once again this is a great skill to build through blogging that can be invaluable in the rest of your life!

4. Embrace Change

The online world is changing almost daily. With the Facebook algorithm changing as frequently as the weather, new social platforms being released every other month and blogging method trends switching each year there is always something new to learn and consider and adapt to. It is the perfect environment to learn to embrace change! You don’t have to take all the changes on board, just adopt what works best for you. The process of filtering which changes to take on is also a valuable skill.

5. Help Others

While there are some bloggers who purely blog for their own personal needs – like journaling, this kind of blogging is becoming rare, which is a great thing. It means more and more bloggers are using their blog to help others, fill a need or solve a problem. Approaching your blog, or business, from the view of trying help your readers/customers is the ultimate way to gain readers, make sales and to improve yourself as person. Your blog will become a valuable resource in what it can give rather than what you can get. Practice thinking this way in relation to your blog and you will find the “how can help” mindset will overflow into the rest of your life – which can only be a good thing!

So, there are 5 ways blogging can help your personal growth and have a positive effect on your business, work life, and personal life!

Are there any other ways you have found blogging to help your personal growth? Let me know in the comments below!

Amanda Fuller

Founder at Kaleidoscope
Founder of Kaleidoscope - facets of blogging, womanhood and life, Amanda is on a heart-led quest to create a savvy resource for the modern day woman — a one-stop-shop overflowing with real life, been-there-done-that wisdom and curated inspiration.