15 Places to Promote your Blog Posts

15 Places to Promote your Blog Posts Kaleidoscope Blog

You spend a lot of time putting together your blog posts. I know you do, ’cause you care about offering quality content to your readers. You take the time to research, to write a draft, review it, take or find the perfect image, add graphics, proofread and then your finally click the “publish” button. Yay!

Yet, despite all your hard work, there’s no point in putting all that effort in if no one knows the post exists and no one reads it now, is there?

Never fear, I’m here to help!

Below are 15 places to promote your blog posts, once you have published them, to let your loyal, and new readers alike, know it’s there an invite them to take a look.

1. Social Media

It might seem pretty obvious, but you would be amazed by the number of bloggers who don’t utilise social media to promote their blog posts! The best things is with most social media networks there are now ways to schedule your post promos, so you can set and forget it. If you are using WordPress. Install the Publicize plugin that is part of Jetpack and have your post immediately on social media the moment it is published. Or check out the Demystifying Social Media series for more tips on using and scheduling social media.

2. Newsletter

Create a monthly newsletter in which you highlight your favourite posts from the last month and send it out to your subscribers. It’s a simple and effective way to engage with loyal readers and reminds them to take a look at your blog or lets them know of any posts they may have missed.

3. Email Those who have been mentioned

Have you mentioned a product or brand? Or have you written about another blogger or website? Compose a short, friendly email, introducing yourself and your blog. Provide them with a link to the post you mentioned them in and a very brief outline of the post. Invite them to share this link with their social media network and you just might have found a whole lot of new readers – however, don’t put any pressure on them to share the link. It’s their choice if they want to share or not.

4. Contact Bloggers with similar content

Again, compose a short and friendly email to a blogger who is in your niche or who writes about similar topics. Simply introduce yourself and your blog and invite them to come and take a look. If they choose to do so and reply to you, you could have just made a connection with a possible collaborator, or if they love what you’ve written they are pretty likely to share it with their readers as it is a topic their readers would already be interested in.

5. Facebook Groups

There are a whole lot of Facebook groups for bloggers all around the world. Do some searching or ask some of your bloggy friends which groups they are a part of. Most Facebook groups have rules on self promotion and don’t allow you to simply publish to the group each time you create a new post. However, most groups will have a feed each week where you are encouraged to share a link to a post, or your social media links as a way to help the members promote and grow their blogs. Some groups I love are:

Aussie Bloggers
Blog Chicks
Blog Society

Taking part in blog courses online is also a great way to become part of a group that allows link sharing as most have private Facebook groups.

6. Link Roundups

Similar to Facebook groups – many blogs have a monthly, or weekly link roundup where they encourage other bloggers to take part and link to recent blog posts. These are usually centred around a specific topic and all blog posts shared need to relate to that topic. Here are a couple of resources to help you find some link roundups to be a part of:

Link Up Library – He Calls Me Grace
Master List of Link Roundups – Self Made Business Man

7. Pinterest Group Boards

Finding Group Boards on Pinterest that match the topics of your blog posts is another great way to expose your posts to new readers. Ask to join these groups and, once accepted, pin images from related blog pots to these group boards and everyone in that group will be able to see it. The chance of gaining new readers this way is pretty high as you know people in that group are already interested in the topic of the board!

To find groups boards – check out Top Group Boards or Pingroupie.

8. Q+A Sites

Community forums or Question and Answer sites that deal with topics similar to what you write about on your blog can be a good place to hang out. Take a look at questions posted and if you have written a blog post that answers that question, post a reply with a link to that post! Easy!

9. Blog Comments

Now, this is a tricky one. I do not ever endorse the idea of simply commenting on someone else’s blog simply with the intention of getting readers over to your blog. It doesn’t work. Shameless self-promotion will only turn people off wanting to visit you online. However, if a blogger has written a post that relates to a post you have written, or if they pose a question in their post that you have answered in a blog post, then by all means, write a response and include the link to that post. Just make sure you are adding value to the conversation with your comment and not just trying to share a link to your blog.

10. Submission Websites

There are a lot of websites out there now that allow content to be submitted and then voted on by viewers. These are called aggregates. The more a submission is liked the more it is shared. Some sites to consider are:

(via Twelveskip)
11. Reddit

Reddit is a platform that allows for content to be sorted into subreddits and exposed to the huge number of users on the site.

Here are some easy steps for using Reddit that I found at Twelveskip:

  • Find some BIG, general subreddits you can fit into. Sub Reddits show how many users they get, so look for something in the 10’s of thousands.
  • Find a few small, relevant subreddits you can fit into. These can be very niche with only a few thousand members.
  • Post in those subreddits (not all at once!) exactly how everyone else posts there, following all the rules and conventions of the subreddit. You can read the individual topic role in each sub Reddit.
  • Do some light promotion to your friends and social network to get just a few initial upvotes. Basically we are just trying to get the ball rolling.
  • If the post is good, those few upvotes will start a traffic snowball. Keep your fingers crossed and repeat!
12. Related Posts on your blog

While I consider it an essential to have something like Link Within, Shareaholic or some similar plugin on your blog to automatically show your readers related content on your site, that’s not what I’m talking about here.

A really good habit for all bloggers to get into is to be linking back to old content on their blog in new posts. Just like I did in point 1. This not only helps with your SEO and credibility as Google sees it, but it also helps promote old content to new readers or to refresh the mind of long-term readers of the quality content you produce!

13. Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is a great way to find new content to read yourself, but also a great way to promote your own posts to new readers. The site works by selecting content for readers based on what the indicate their interests are. Here are some tips on adding your content to Stumbleupon as well as some tips from them including:

  • Be both a consumer and a contributor
  • Don’t self-promote too much – it’s about balance!
14. Twitter Chat

Create or join a Twitter Chat that relates to your blogging topics. As the tweets go back and forth there is likely to be a natural time in which to share a link to a post you have written or to your blog in general. Again, don’t join the chat with the purpose of being self-promoting, only share a link if it is adding value to the conversation.

15. Pitch your Post to other Blogs + Press

If a post you have written relates to a hot topic being discussed on other blogs, sites or even in the press, consider writing to the editor and sharing your post. Invite them to have a read and highlight to them how your post adds something different to the conversation or takes a different stance. They may just decide to share your post with their readers, or they may even invite you to write another piece or share your opinion some way with their audience.


I hope there are some tips here that are new to you, or that you hadn’t considered before, that now give you new places to share your blog posts. 

I’d also love to know if you have any other tips or sources for where you share your blogs posts that you have found effective! Let me know in the comments.

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Amanda Fuller

Founder at Kaleidoscope
Founder of Kaleidoscope - facets of blogging, womanhood and life, Amanda is on a heart-led quest to create a savvy resource for the modern day woman β€” a one-stop-shop overflowing with real life, been-there-done-that wisdom and curated inspiration.

About Amanda Fuller

Founder of Kaleidoscope - facets of blogging, womanhood and life, Amanda is a blogger on a heart-led quest to create a savvy resource for the modern day woman β€” a one-stop-shop overflowing with real life, been-there-done-that wisdom and curated inspiration. She is also a Graphic Designer at Amanda Fuller Designs and a woman who simply loves beautiful things.

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  1. Excellent post Amanda and some great ideas to get blogs moving. I’m glad you mentioned number 15. I’m really keen to start sharing my posts with other likeminded blogs but have always been nervous to contact them or worry that I’m being to forward or pushy. Thanks for the confidence boost.

  2. Awesome post, it was so helpful for me and even though I am a Kiwi I requested to join the Aussie groups (cos ya know, close enough and all that!). Hehe. Found you on Pinterest, love the graphics on your page!

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    To join groups I had already read somewhere else. All in all it’s more about conversations where you first offering help and not direct promote your own blog. And with groups you have direct many people.

    1. That’s exactly right. Offer help, build a rapport and then people might be more inclined to come over to see your blog. Many groups offer a time each week that you can also simply promote a post or product etc, which is an awesome opportunity to get fresh eyes on your blog.

  12. Great post… Good content, well written & really interesting. Thank you for the article. I’m just starting my blog, and getting used to promoting what I do. It’s all about giving people what they want, or are looking for, or what they should be looking for! And getting enough eyeballs looking at your offers for them to convert. These are some GREAT tips. Some of which I follow on a regular basis; others I attempt to follow. If you have a good topic, and you follow those tips, I think you are just about Guaranteed to do well, as long as your content isn’t crappy, lol.

    I quickly noted that; if you LOVE tweaking your site, do it.. Ha.. Just realize it’s not directly related to your bottom line; that’s my only point. Personally, I hate it; I’m not a designer, coder or anything like that. I’m a blogger girl.. but more power to you if you like that kind of thing, you rock!

    But yeah, I haven’t heard these tips before, but that’s something I’m now going to do every day. I think you hit the nail on the head with you points in this post. I completely agree with everything you said!

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