Maybe you’re new to blogging, or maybe you’ve been at it for a while, but you want to make sure you are sending out the best possible blogs posts into the world. Well, these 8 things to include in every blog post will make sure of that!

Include each one and you will have a blog post that is not only visually pleasing, but is also easy to read, and is seo friendly.


What makes a great title? A great title is a combination of being catchy and attention-grabbing, while being succinct and descriptive. My advice is to stay away from obscure titles or those that are trying to be clever or lyrical – these kinds of titles are not favoured by search engines. You are much better off included a few keywords about the topic of your post and keeping your title short and sweet.


I talk about the importance of your visual aspects a lot, I know, but it really can’t be overstated how important they are. We are visual creatures and within milliseconds a reader will decide if they want to click-through and read your post based on the image you choose for the featured image! Whether you create your own image, or use stock images (some suggestions for awesome stock image resources can be found here, and here), keep your branding in mind and choose something that is in keeping with the overall look and feel of your brand. For more information, why not read more at mynameisangie.com

It is also important to optimise your images for Pinterest and for SEO. You can read more about that in my previous post on preparing images for your blog.


Adding in subheadings, lists and bullet points will make your blog post super easy to read! They break your content up into easy to digest chunks and actually help your readers retain and remember the information they are reading!Using these tools also makes finding specific information in your blog post easy for those reading it.

When creating subheadings it’s great to use your header tag options. Header tags are the different formatting options your blog’s theme offers. It adds tags such as

to your code, which search engines love! It makes your content super searchable and more likely to be picked up when someone is search for content online.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 9.51.59 AM

Making a sentence bold is also a great way to draw attention to important information that isn’t within a heading or subheading.


Number 4of the 8 things to include in every blog post is to make your main point clear at the very beginning. The intro to your post should be just that, an introduction to the topic you will writing about. Find a way to incorporate your key words as early as you can in the post and definitely within the first paragraph. Once again, this makes it easy for readers to know, right up front if the post is of interest to them, AND it helps with your post’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


Speaking of SEO, that’s what you need to include next! An app like Yoast SEO makes it really easy to optimise your post for search engines. Simply make the change it suggests until you have as many green dots as possible! Having a good SEO will help you with your blog, particularly if you are doing it to help benefit your business (such as promoting your products). If you are interested in learning more about marketing though, then it might be a good idea for you to check out something like this Inbound Marketing Agency London & HubSpot Partner Company to help your business grow and thrive.

Yoast SEO example from Kaleidoscope Blog


Including links to posts you have published previously within a new blog post is a great way to get readers exploring more of your blog. Of course, don’t just add random links, add them only where appropriate, but try to find a way to add at least one of these links in each post.


It is so important to encourage interaction on your blog. It builds trust and let’s your readers get to know you and share their thoughts. There are two very easy ways to do this:

Ask a Question – ask your readers a question related to the topic you cover in your blog post. Make it a question that requires more than a single word answer. It’s a great way to get a discussion going in the comments section.

Call to Action – encourage your readers to take a certain action whether it be to join your email list, check you out on social media or buy a product, it helps give more value to your blog post that readers appreciate.


The final of the 8 things to include in every blog post are categories and tags. They are vital in helping you organise the content on your blog, making it easy for your readers to find info on a particular topic quickly, but once again, they will help your blog’s SEO and will send more new readers to your site from search.

I explain the difference between categories and tags and how to use them here.

These 8 things to include in every blog post are simple and easy to do, but they will make big difference to the experience your readers have on your blog, and will encourage them back again, plus they will boost your SEO ranking too!

What is something you like to include in each of your blog posts? Do you add anything different to what’s above? Let me know in the comments!

Amanda Fuller

Founder at Kaleidoscope
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