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Most bloggers I know are the creative type. The type that want to inspire and be inspired and share their writing, fashion sense, recipes, photography etc with the world.

Likewise, most bloggers I know are not beings to which the technical side of blogging comes easily – myself very much included!

That is all about to change!

The fabulous Madeline from The Daily Mark has teamed up with Norwegian Eivind Borgersen to offer the first online course that focuses specifically on the technology behind your blog – Blogger Boss!

These two are self-taught web developers who, through the course, will take participants through 9 modules designed to teach even the least tech savvy among us, the ins and outs of the workings of your blog in easy-to-understand language and practical steps. 

I have been blogging for a long time and have spent countless hours trying to teach myself about the techy side of blogging – and yes, there have, at times been tears. Oh how I wish this course was around 5 years ago! However, I’m hoping to take the course now to learn more and remove even more of the “scary” that surrounds this side of blogging.

Frustrated with your blog not looking quite the way you want it?

Looking for ways to monetise your blog?

Learn how to tame that tech and make your blog professional, engaging, social media savvy and money making to boot with Blogger Boss.

Registration is now open! Head over to Blogger Boss for more info and to register and hopefully I’ll see you in class!

This post contains affiliate links, but even if I wasn’t an affiliate, I would be letting you all know about this course because I know this is what so many bloggers have been waiting for!


Amanda Fuller

Founder at Kaleidoscope
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