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As a Graphic Designer, I am frequently asked by Bloggers if they should have a business card and what they should include on it.

As a Blogger, I have found having a business card that has all my blogging details on it to be an invaluable tool to use when I attend events, both blog related and not. I’ve also noticed a more recent trend of bloggers using video business cards instead of paper ones. Companies such as Elev8 Video Cards provide video business cards as an alternative to the standard paper card, and can make a great first impression when meeting new people. Either way, whether you have a paper card or a video one, it is crucial that you and your blog have a business card to promote yourself with. You may also want to go a bit further with promoting your business by using vehicles, they can even be used to deliver products of your business. But make sure its insured for your use, otherwise in the case of an accident or collision you could lose money by not having any transport, offer a range of policies from temporary covers to multi cover.


Why should you have a business card as a Blogger?

Business cards are the number one networking tool you can have on hand when meeting new bloggers, new brands or looking for new clients if you have a blog-related business.

Business cards have become a necessity for me, because, let’s face it, Kaleidoscope is not a word people use everyday and many people struggle with spelling it, so having it written out for them on a card eliminates any confusion or chance that the new brand I was just talking to might not find my blog!

Having something that your new acquaintances can actually hold and take away with them is also a fabulous way to make sure they remember you. At a conference or big networking event, everyone is meeting a lot of new people, so it is easy to forget some of the people they have met. However if they have your business card in their pile of cards at the end of the event, then the likelihood of them remembering you and checking out your blog is significantly higher, right!?

Blogger Business Cards Why You Need Them and What to Include | Kaleidoscope Blog

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So, you see the importance of a Blogger business card, but what do you actually put on it?


  • Your Blog Name / Logo
  • Your Name
  • Your Blog URL
  • Email Address
  • Social Media Handles (eg @yourblog)


  • Your Postal Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • A photo of you


  • Make sure the design of your business card matches the branding you have created for your blog. It should seamlessly continue your brand story through colour, pattern and font choice. Even consider using the same humour or clean style you use on your blog.
  • Be creative. You want your blogger business card to stand out among all the others. Think about the shape, colours and even printing method as ways to create a unique card.
  • To really make your card work hard for you, have it professionally designed. It may be an extra cost, but it is so worth the investment. I love creating distinctive business cards for my clients. Perhaps we should work together on yours!?
  • Keep the design simple and easy to read. exclude the http:// from your blog URL and don’t clutter the card up with any unnecessary information.
  • Adding a photo of yourself makes it super easy for people to remember who it is that gave them that card. Putting faces to names (and Blogs) is always a good thing.

Blogger Business Cards Why You Need Them and What to Include | Kaleidoscope Blog

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Here are some resources that will make the process of creating blogger business cards easy and enjoyable; resulting in fab cards you are proud of!

Amanda Fuller Designs – I can help you with all your blog branding and design needs – including business cards. – This online printing service is loved by bloggers all over the world. One of the best features of printing with Moo is that you can actually have a different design on each card. Perfect for a photography showcase of the content on your blog! BONUS: get 10% off your first order with Moo with this link.

Creative Market – If you don’t want to make the investment into your blog by using a graphic designer, then Creative Market is a great place to get stylish templates to base your business cards on.

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