Today, September 5, is my four-year blogging anniversary – my Blogaversary!

Time is a funny thing, so often when we look back the time between then and now it seems to have gone so quickly, and sometimes it feels like a life-time ago. Both are true when I look back at my time as a blogger. I can remember, with clarity, the Saturday afternoon in 2009 when I sat down at my computer and looked into starting my own blog. I was still grieving over the loss of my best friend / ex-boyfriend [who I was still very much in love with] Ben, who had been senselessly killed in a car accident by a drunk unlicensed driver. He was on my mind and I had remembered, months before his death, he had suggested to me that I start a blog. I dismissed it, as I didn’t know anything about blogging and I thought that it was just the techy side of him coming out. Since his suggestion though, I had looked into a little more and on September 5, 2009 was ready to give it a go!

I set up my first blog, Amanda Fuller Designs Blog on the Blogger platform and started to share my recent graphic design work. I then discovered Etsy and the world of independent artists, crafters and creatives was opened up to me and I began to write about the amazing work I found. Calico & Co was born and it began to grow. I also started The Wedding Blog and was writing for a number of other people’s blogs. I began designing blogs as well.

Little-by-little I began to share more of my personal story on Calico & Co. and it came to the point where I felt the design side of things didn’t fit so well with the personal side of things, so after MUCH deliberation, I decided to split the blog into a personal blog – Amanda’s Musings and a design blog  – Kaleidoscope. It was tough. I had built up a fantastic readership and now basically had to start all over again with establishing my blog, engaging with my readers and finding new readers. Trying to find the time to devote to each blog became increasingly difficult and most of my energy was focused on Amanda’s Musings. I was sharing my story of mental illness and obesity and my struggle with food addiction. It was the focus of my life at that point and became the focus of my blog. I met some amazing people through Amanda’s Musings. I had some great opportunities to work with brands and products, yet something wasn’t right.

As time moved on, I no longer wanted myself to be the focus of my blogging life. I missed writing about design and beautiful and creative things, so once again, a tough decision was made and I decided to redesign and relaunch Kaleidoscope. That was almost 4 months ago. Since then, Kaleidoscope has grown and evolved and feels so much more “me” than any other blogging I have attempted. I love design – all the facets of it and I love to share my discoveries with the world. I love talking with creative people and keeping an eye on what is happening in the design world. I love to fill my mind and surround myself with beautiful things and Kaleidoscope allows me to do that!

I do still write over at Amanda’s Musings from time-to-time. It remains a personal blog and it is where I share my journey to finding a healthy and happy life through Weight Watchers and other self-reflections. I hope to get back into blogging about Plus Size Fashion too, but my main focus will remain with Kaleidoscope.

There are times when I have, and sometimes still do, feel very frustrated that it has taken me so long and so much trial and error to get to where I am. Sometimes I wonder how much closer I would be to being able to blog full-time as my career if I hadn’t chopped and changed so much, but you can’t change the past, so now, I try to focus on the future.

I have learned so much and grown, and changed a lot in the last 4 years, both personally and creatively and blogging, in all the forms I have engaged in, and the people I have met through blogging have been a big part of that. I am grateful I finally decided to take up Ben’s suggestion. I had no idea what world would be opened up to me through blogging. I will be ever grateful to him for it. One life love, showing me another life love. I feel blessed and lucky.

So here is to four years in this blogging world and to all my blogging dreams coming true! *Cheers* Thank you for coming on this journey with me!

[Photo from The TomKat Studio]

Amanda Fuller

Founder at Kaleidoscope
Founder of Kaleidoscope - facets of blogging, womanhood and life, Amanda is on a heart-led quest to create a savvy resource for the modern day woman — a one-stop-shop overflowing with real life, been-there-done-that wisdom and curated inspiration.