Perhaps it is my graphic design background, but I truly believe in the importance of good branding. Whether it is a business, a product, a blog, or even yourself, the way you present, or brand, the former is what potential customers, clients, employers or readers see first, and whether you like it or not, first impression are very powerful and you can win or lose influence right there and then. This is particularly true when it comes to blogging. A new reader will immediately either be drawn in by your branding, or they will decide it’s not for them, and click away.

This is Part One in a series called Branding Your Blog, where I will be sharing expert tips and resources to help you beautifully brand your blog.

What is Branding?

Firstly, let’s establish what branding actually is.

Branding is the the framework you create for how you want your blog to be perceived

This encapsulates a lot more than just how your blog looks.

Branding includes:

  • your blog’s message/content
  • logo
  • colours, fonts, elements
  • style
  • tag line
  • signature phrases
  • imagery
  • what your blog offers – regular series, giveaways etc

The branding of your blog even extends to the kinds of businesses you promote or allow to advertise on your blog and the kinds of brand or products you partner with even the types of pysical products you give away as prizes can be great for branding too.

Blog branding is NOT trying to fit in with latest trends or trying to be anything other than who you are. It IS the way in which you express yourself, your values, and your blog’s message.

Why Branding your Blog is SO Important:

From reading the above I am sure you are already starting to understand why it is just so important to create a beautiful brand for your blog, but let’s break it down.

Branding gives you the freedom to create a blog you love from the inside out, blending your message and your style.
Creating a brand that encapsulates your values, what is important to you and the message you sending through your blog, as well as your personal style, not trends, is a way to ensure your readers know exactly what to expect from your blog, and that you have a blog that you truly love too! If you love your blog you will be passionate about it and working on it will be a pleasure, not a chore.

Branding is a way of leaving your mark on the world.
We are all individuals and we all have something unique to offer. The way in which you bring your branding together – combining your style and your message – is unique to you. It eliminates any sense of competition, as you are you and no one can imitate that. Your branding and all that it encompasses will set you apart from all the other blogs out there, especially those in your genre.

Beautiful branding will draw people to your blog.
Creating a beautiful brand, both visually and in content will naturally draw readers to your blog who identify with it. This creates loyal, like-minded readers, the kind all bloggers desire, not just passing visitors. It will help you build a community of readers who you understand and therefore it becomes easier for you to add value to those readers through your blog. It means you can stop chasing success and start attracting it.

Consistent branding builds trust.
It is so very important that you are consistent with your branding. Stick to your blog’s message and values. Use your logo, colour scheme, fonts and graphic elements on everything you do. Only promote products that fit within your blog’s branding. All of these things help build trust with your readers. They know what to expect and they will respect that. It will also make your content instantly recognisable as yours which then reinforces your online presence and branding.

Branding is a powerful tool that can help you build a blog that you love, build community, attract readers and keep their trust. It doesn’t matter if your blog is just a hobby or if you are aiming to blog professionally, a beautiful, well thought out and consistent blog brand is every bit as important as the content you are creating – as it is the frame that holds your content, enhances it and establishes it.

In the next part of this series, we will have top branding tips from a branding expert! I can’t wait to share her tips!

Until then, why don’t you ask yourself the follow questions to help you develop a beautiful brand for your blog:

  1. What sets your blog apart from other blogs?
  2. How do you want your blog to be perceived both visually and in content?
  3. What is your blog message?
  4. How do you influence your readers to take action or interact with your blog?
  5. What makes your blog memorable?



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