So far, in Branding You Blog we have looked at why branding your blog is so important in Part 1, and in Part 2 we got expert advice with Miss Modern’s Top 5 Branding tips. Here in part 3 I am offering examples of blogs who have the branding thing down-pat and take a look at why their branding is so beautifully executed.



Blogger Bri Emery is a woman who knows her style, and sticks to it. Her blog DesignLoveFest has an unmistakeable aesthetic and branding which is light, bright and colourful. Bri is super consistent with her layout style, font usage and design elements. The photographic style of her images is also very distinctive. I can always tell a DesignLoveFest image even before I confirm that it is one. This is particularly good when it comes to Pinterest and other forms of social media. It establishes and constantly reconfirms and reinforces Bri’s brand.



With Christine’s expertise when it comes to branding there is no surprise that her blog Miss Modern is an excellent example of how to brand your blog beautifully. She uses a limited colour palette and repeats it over and over. The same with fonts. She has chosen just a couple of complimentary, but contrasting fonts for maximum impact and aesthetics. Miss Modern imagery is dominated by a contemporary take on the mid-century modernist style whether is be in products, fashion or styling. In my mind, anything that fits this description I now label as Miss Modern. That’s a huge sign of the success of Christine’s branding prowess!




I may be biased when it comes to the Suger Coat It blog branding as I helped created it, but it’s not all me. Blogger Melissa has taken what I designed and used it to a tee! The black and white bold graphic style is distinctive and has presence. I love that Melissa has so strongly reinforced her brand but using her logo so frequently. It has become a watermark for her photos – perfect for social media, and she has even branded herself with it on a t-shirt, which is awesome for being noticed at blogging events and starting conversations with non-bloggers. All excellent examples of how to use your branding elements to build your online and offline presence.



Will Taylor, blogger at Bright.Bazaar loves colour. This is perhaps the strongest element to his brand. It features everywhere, the blog, social media, his book, his home, his fashion choices. The blog has a happy and unique colour palette which I love. That combination of colours to me now says “Bright.Bazaar”. Will is also consistent in the way he uses fonts and lays out his type over his images. Another way in which a blog brand can be established is through regular post themes, as mentioned in Part 1, and the 10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend series on the Bright.Bazaar blog is an excellent example of how to do this.


In a world where hundreds, if not thousands, of new blogs are created every day, it might seem impossible to make your blog stand out, but it’s not. Developing a thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing, beautiful blog brand is a giant step towards people visiting, remembering and returning to your blog. I hope these examples inspire something inside you and give you a glimpse at how you can create your own beautifully branded blog and demystify what makes a great brand. It really is quite simple when you break it down.

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[photo from Kelly Christine Studio]


Amanda Fuller

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