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Bring on 2015 – I’m Ready!

That’s not to say 2014 was a bad year – in actual fact, it was the best year of my life! I’m totally not exaggerating.

It was the year my life turned around! After years of tragedy followed by subsequent health issues and emotional struggle, 2014 brought hope and dreams-come-true!

I had the opportunity to travel to London – that was the dream come true! I spent almost 6 weeks in the city of my dreams, exploring, discovering, laughing, dreaming and just having the time of my life!

This year brought considerable improvement in both my physical and mental health, which then allowed me to throw myself so much more into the blog and my business! I had the privilege to work with some amazing clients on design projects of all different kinds from logos to full websites, ebooks and just about everything in between!

Kaleidoscope took on a different direction, focusing more on the facets of blogging. It has been such a thrill to share what I have learned about blogging over the last 5 years with so many of you. The response has been incredible and it totally blows my socks off how much it has helped so many of you!

Jac from Blog Society and I also launched Blog Love Studio this year as a way to help others be organised and find the blog love again!

Yep, 2014 was a pretty incredible year, but I’ll say it again – Bring on 2015! I am so ready!

I’m ready to have my life, my blog, my business, everything, to a new level! I’m ready to work hard and make this blogging thing my a full-time gig! If 2014 taught me anything, it is that dreams come true and there is hope for the future!

In 2015 there are so many things I am hoping for:

  • to collaborate with some other fabulous women bloggers and creative peeps
  • launch my first ebook
  • finally attend the ProBlogger event
  • build up the womanhood section of the blog with value-giving and uplifting topics that relate to us all as women, no matter our age, stage of life or where we live.
  • bring you a whole bunch of great lifestyle posts; including recipes and maybe even some fashion and beauty posts
  • continue to help you build your blog into everything you hope it can be
  • a range of fab gift guides throughout the whole year

Oh there’s so much, that’s just the start of the blogging list!

You know, there is power in writing out your goals and dreams! If you feel inclined, why don’t you leave some of your hopes for 2015 in the comments below. Put them out there and work towards making them happen!

Will you come with me on the journey? Let’s do 2015 together!

Have fun bringing in the new year, stay safe and I’ll see you on the other side!

Amanda xx


Amanda Fuller

Founder at Kaleidoscope
Founder of Kaleidoscope - facets of blogging, womanhood and life, Amanda is on a heart-led quest to create a savvy resource for the modern day woman — a one-stop-shop overflowing with real life, been-there-done-that wisdom and curated inspiration.