Elephant In The Room branding and Logo design by Amanda Fuller of Kaleidoscopeblog.net

The ladies from Elephant in the Room came to me with need for a logo and branding to be designed for their new collaborative training and consultancy business. 

The business consists of 4 ladies, 2 speech pathologists and 2 case managers and is a training and consultancy company that primarily will provide training and consultation to non-government agencies working with people who have an intellectual disability. They promote inclusion and person-centred practice for their clients providing communication, behaviour and sexuality assessments and training in communication and more.

The business name was the central concept and consideration when creating the logo and branding. The term “elephant in the room” describes the phenomenon of a big issue that is just ignored and not addressed.

They feel that is often the case with their clients, will all the decisions and issues being discussed around them, but no-one fully addresses what the person with a disability wants or needs, hence they are really the elephant in the room.

They wanted their logo to say “we believe in what the client wants” and “they should always be included in decisions about their life“. 

From the information they provided I came up with the follow concepts which represent the idea of breaking out of a box, a multi-faceted approach, or the recognition of multiple issues to consider.

Elephant In The Room branding and Logo design by Amanda Fuller of Kaleidoscopeblog.net

After some discussion and changes, the final logo and branding were decided on. The final logo incorporates the colours the ladies requested and the faceted background portrays the complexity of their client’s needs and the process of getting the right support structures in place. 

The secondary logos offer complimentary designs that can be used in a variety of applications.

Elephant In The Room branding and Logo design by Amanda Fuller of Kaleidoscopeblog.net

Both the client and I were super happy with the final result and the Elephant In The Room branding  is set to be represented in a friendly, approachable and clear way.

“Thank you so much Amanda! As a new company with no marketing experience, you were able to sculpt our vision into a beautiful logo and branding package.  You were timely in your responses and always listened to our ideas and suggestions, making changes accordingly.  All in all a wonderful experience and I would recommend your service to any new business.”

Brooke Skinner, speech pathologist, Elephant in the room training & consultancy

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