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Above are Five Fab Fonts. They are of the free Serif variety.

What is a serif font?

A serif is the little block or flick at the edge of a letter. For example, the bar across the top of the letter “L” in Libre up there is a serif.

Serifs originated back in the days of carving text into stone. It was a technique that the engraver used to neaten up the edges of the letters. Because of this history, serif fonts have a traditional look and feel to them. They are perfect if you are wanting a classic and more formal look to your design.

It is said that when reading large slabs of text that the eye can read serif fonts more easily than sans serif (fonts without serifs).

Here I have featured five (5) of my favourite free serif fonts. Click the links below to download them.

1 // Daniela

2 // Bambi Bold

3 // Dusseldorf

4 // Libre Baskerville

5 // Latin Modern Roman Dunhill

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