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In my experience as a blogger and a blog designer, I have noticed that the Footer area of blog is the most under utilised section,  by far!

In fact, many blogger haven’t even bothered to do anything with their Footer at all!

It’s a shame as the Footer is a valuable piece of blogging real estate as it is often the very last thing readers will see after they have scrolled through a blog post, before they leave your blog.

Here are a few ways of how to make the most of your blog’s Footer:

  1. add your social media icons to make it easy for people to follow you
  2. add a newsletter sign-up form
  3. add a feed from one of your social media networks, such as Instagram or Pinterest
  4. add a list of your most popular blog posts, to get readers clicking through to read more
  5. add your contact information for easy access
  6. add a short bio if you don’t have one in your sidebar
  7. add your copyright or creative commons info

Don’t forget to take the time to style your footer to match the design of your blog and keep your branding in mind. Simple is always best, but give it a little love.

Here are some examples of some fab Footers:

How to make the most of your blogs footer - examples of fab footers Kaleidoscope

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