Inspiring the uninspired

Inspiring the Uninspired is a Guest Post by Lisa Lloyd

Armed with a stack of ideas I sat down to write the perfect inspirational design post. Only problem was that I had too many ideas that I didn’t know where to start, what to write about and how I would make it interesting enough for people to read. I thought to myself, start with the first idea and see if it grabs you. So I sat and wrote the first three sentences but all I could think about was not the stunning new Scandinavian designed cabinet I had seen and wanted to share with everyone, instead my mind kept thinking about the french brie sitting in the fridge waiting for me.

I tried taking a walk, since fresh air is never going to be a bad thing. I tried writing about things that weren’t even related to my article in hopes that I would soon get inspired enough to write about it, tired music, but nothing came out. Not a single thing! My mind had hit a road block and it didn’t look like any emergency services teams were coming to fix it.

With deadlines soon approaching, I had to write something, but how was I going to get past this blockage and get my inspiration back. It’s not that I wasn’t inspired, I’d seen, read, heard, created all sorts of wonderful things that I want to talk about and share but that little blogger in my head had decided to take an impromptu holiday leaving me feeling a little empty.

So how do you get you’re blogger or creative mojo back when you can’t seem to get past the first sentence?

It’s tricky and there’s plenty of advice on what to do when you get struck down with bloggers block, one particularly interesting article I read this week talks about there being four types of productivity styles and with each one comes a different set of tools to use to overcome such a block. I do think that there is some truth to this, especially since we are all different in the way we write, think, move, everything we do isn’t just one-size-fits-all so working out how to get out of your bloggers block really is going to come down to you. but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve which might just work for you too.


You’ve probably heard this many, many times before but stepping away from the computer, and the smart phone can do the brain a world of good. The internet is a whirlpool of inspiration but it can easily suck you into to spending hours and hours scrolling through websites (Pinterest being my worst enemy) only to walk away feeling overloaded and uninspired. Most of us now also spend our days working in front of the screen too which doesn’t help the old brain relax, but trust me when I tell you that spending 5 minutes in away from technology makes the world of difference, especially to this creative mind.


Ever forget your own greatness? Not trying to sound cocky or pretentious but you need to remember just how great you are. Unless we’re a red carpet celebrity, we’re not often told by others or ourselves just how terrific, talented and inspiring we are. If you’re a blogger, I want you to read your very first post and then you’re most recent and see just how incredibly well you’re doing. How much improvement have you made!

If you’re a business owner, have a look at the first sales order you received and feel proud that it was you, your creativity, your blood, sweat and tears that had someone fall in love with your work enough to buy it.

Feeling more amazing yet?


This might sound crazy, but I love colouring in. Having something structured that I am free to colour however I see fit really helps relax me and strangely enough inspire me. I’m always creating designs and images for our shop or our clients which I absolutely love but I think sometimes it’s nice to be able to have a few moments to get away from all that, turn off the brain and just colour. For no particular reason other than because I can. It’s not just me that feels this way, you can now get colouring in books for grown ups which are not only to free up some creative space in the brain but to give you a few minutes everyday, week or month where you focus on one thing and one thing only, with no screen distractions. A simple method in relaxation.


Might seem obvious but getting a proper night’s sleep or a good afternoon nap, can often help with a creative block. I was always a great sleeper, still am to a point, I can sleep standing up on a train, in a car, for an entire long-haul flight, I’m pretty good at sleeping. That was until our little man came along. It’s not that he’s a bad sleeper, in fact he sleeps wonderfully, but since he’s come along, I have become an incredibly light sleeper. I can hear every single sound throughout the night. Annoying, Yes! Too add to this light sleeping, I’m also starting my days at 6 or 7am  and not finishing until midnight or later, since the majority of my workday is done after the little man has nodded off.

This makes for some very long days, and I’ve been noticing that about every 3-4 weeks I hit this wall, one that drains my creativity to the point where I just can’t think to do anything other than sleep. So I switch everything off, go to bed when the little man does, and off to sleepy land I go. When I wake up I’m refreshed and incredibly energised.

If you’re stuck trying to get to sleep, check out these 10 great solutions for getting some sleep.

Have you ever been stuck with bloggers or creative block? How did you get past it? we’d love to hear about it, leave us a comment below.


Lisa Lloyd is a graphic designer, blogger, print maker and lover of food. Combining her love and skills as a graphic designer with her super talented CAD designer husband, their company, Quirk Design has been working with small and large businesses to make their brands and products shine. You can check out her unique wall prints through her online shop. When she’s not in front of the computer, she’s hanging out with the coolest people she knows (her hubby, toddler & two spoodles).


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