Personal Stylist Georgia, came to me when she wanted to launch her blog A Simpler Style. I created a logo and branding concept that incorporated her love of simple, clean design, gold foil, soft greens and brush lettering. This branding was then expanded to her social media graphics and business cards. Then came the clean, minimal blog design which allowed for the images and content to take centre stage.

The Angie Makes theme Mary Kate was used to create this blog design.

‘When setting out to create my blog, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Zero. Amanda was so incredibly helpful throughout the whole process. She went above and beyond the call of blogging-brilliance duty and managed to explain every step to me in a clear, simple way, without making me feel like I was asking the world’s dumbest questions. On top of the design process, Amanda was able to give me tips and advice from her own experience as a blogger. Working with Amanda was a fun, stress-free experience and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to create their own signature on the web.’


A Simpler Style, Logo, Branding, Social Media Cover, Business Card and Blog Design by Amanda Fuller | Kaleidoscope