15 Steps to Prepare for a Blog Break eBook

As busy bloggers it is important that we take time out to step away from the computer, log out of social media and spend time out in the real world, living dreams, making memories and recharging our blogging batteries.

It can be a daunting task though, to leave your blog for a few days, or a number of weeks, without constantly checking and updating it.

That’s where the 15 Steps to Prepare Your Blog + Yourself for a Blog Break ebook comes in handy! In it I take you step-by-step through the process of organising your blog and your self and getting everything arrange so that when you do log off,  you can do so with confidence knowing everything will run smoothly while you’re away. Not only that,  but you will have things set up ready for a smooth stress-free return.

Based on the popular 15 Days to Prepare for 2015 email series, this ebook goes deeper than just pre-scheduling posts and is also a great tool for giving your blog a bit of a check up.

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