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Sabrina Philipp Strategy + Coaching


Sabrina Philipp Strategy + Coaching is a digital marketing boutique specialising in social media and online marketing as well as business coaching/consulting. Previously a yoga teacher, Sabrina wanted to bring her Zen philosophy to the brand styling of her business, incorporating the rich jewel tones and opulent textures. I mixed these with more neutral tones and simple type styling to create a brand suite that is unique and a feast for the eyes!


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I thought I was hiring a graphic designer, but Amanda is much more than that – she’s a true artist. Amanda transformed my vision into a cohesive brand that far exceeded anything I could ever imagine. I will absolutely hire her in the future and refer all of my clients to contact her for their design needs. She is insightful, kind, extremely quick, and an invaluable asset to anyone building a brand.

Sabrina Philipp

Sabrina Philipp Strategy + Coaching