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I offer a range of other print and digital design services, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact me and we can chat about your needs.


What My Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

“Before working with Amanda, we thought working with designers was a difficult and lengthy process. Amanda blew that misconception out of the water. We loved working with her on our new design for our travel blog and continue to work with her for other design needs.  Amanda is intuitive and attentive. She understood exactly what we were trying to achieve and came up with a fresh, clean and vibrant design. Amanda is so easy to work with. She made any changes we requested effortlessly and graciously, and she was beyond punctual. It was a breath of fresh air to have the brief filled and the designs ready when promised. It’s the best experience we’ve had working with a designer in seven years of blogging. We are definitely working with her again and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her for your design needs.”

Caz & Craig Makepeace

yTravel Blog

“You know that magic moment when you find someone that is just super kick-butt at their job, and so stupendously talented that they make your life awesome? That’s how I felt when I first worked with Amanda {and continue to feel!}, and I was super happy that I promptly signed her up to do a whole heap of work that I’d been dreaming about. She’s fast, totally gets it, and is just brilliant. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone, unless of course it means that she no longer has time for me… then I might have to keep her a secret!”

Chantelle Ellem

Fat Mum Slim

“Amanda was able to translate my very rough brief into something amazing. She used her design skills to bring my vision to life and worked tirelessly to ensure we met very tight deadlines. Her attention to detail and speed of communication made the whole project easy. I look forward to working with her again and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.”

Christina Butcher

Hair Romance

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

I'm interested in working with you, how do we get started?

I love working with new people to bring their ideas to life, so please grab your favourite beverage and say hello through the contact form below, offering as much information as possible. In return, I will email you to answer your questions, get a little clarification and we can start the process of working out what services are best for you. I will then send through an estimate cost for the services you require. Once you have decided on the services and are happy with the cost, I’ll send through an invoice for the required 50% non-refundable deposit.

Then, depending on your project, a design questionnaire will be sent to you, ready for you to fill in with details about your business, project and designs ideas. You will also be invited, via email, to join a private Pinterest board for your project where we can collaborate together on any visual inspiration for the work ahead.

What are your payment terms?

After you receive a quote from me on your specific project needs and you decide to go ahead, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required for work to begin. Details on how to pay this will be included on your deposit invoice.

Depending on the project size and deadline, progress payments may be due along the way, but this will be discussed with you on a project-by-project basis.

The final payment is due once the project is complete.

Why do you require a 50% deposit?

A deposit is required to ensure your position in my project workflow. I am a one-woman show and my calendar fills up quickly, so a paid deposit will secure your place in my workflow.

I'm an international client, how can I make my payments?

All international payments are to be paid via PayPal, unless you would prefer a direct bank transfer. Cheques and money orders will not be accepted.

Can you create a package of services specific to my needs?

There’s a good chance your needs can be met with one of my service packages. If not, drop me a line and let me know what you want. Of course I’ll see what’s possible!

I would like an Extra Services item – such as a business card designed, but I don’t need a logo or branding design – can you do this?

Oh course! I am able to use any exisiting branding you already have to create any other designed products you may need. However, I will require the working .eps files of your logo and other branding elements. Jpegs will not suffice. 

Help! My project is incomplete and I no longer have a designer. Are you able to complete my project?

The odds are likely in your favour! This would of course have to be assessed on an individual basis — so please get in touch and we can discuss your options.

Do your prices include the cost of printing my designs?

The cost quoted is for the design of your project only — it does not include printing. If you are looking for printing services, I’m happy to help! Get in touch and I can make some suggestions.

Do you help with marketing or social media strategy?

No, these are not services that I offer. I am a graphic designer, not a marketing guru.

What is your refund policy?

No refund will be offered on the 50% deposit once it is paid. If in the rare occasion you decide not to continue working together once work has begun, we can discuss if any further payment is required for work completed, or if the remainder of the fee will not be required to be paid and the project ceased.

Branding FAQ

How does your branding process work?

It’s a well-honed process that I know will work well for you. It differs depending on the services you have engaged me for, but you can find out more details of my design and branding process in my Design Process section.

What is the difference between a logo design and branding?

A logo is a graphic image, motif or typographic element which identifies your business/brand. Branding usually incorporates a logo or typographic motif but also includes image style, a colour palette, a font suite and supporting design elements. All of these visual elements make up your identity, your brand, and become your visual language. This language is brought together in a brand board, or style guide, depending on your project.

Why do you present the logo concepts in black and white first?

When creating a full brand suite, I always present the logo concepts in black and white to begin with. Then, once we’ve agreed on the colour palette for your brand, and have a good idea of image direction, and what the overall branding will look like, we can make an informed decision as to what colours we feel your logo will work best in.

If you are only having a logo designed, without a full brand suite, your logo concepts may be presented in colour.

What is the difference between design concepts and design revisions?

Design concepts can be thought of as different design directions or different creative directions. Initial ideas which will help inform your tastes and preferences. Generally I will offer 3-5 different logo concepts for one company.

Once you have narrowed down your choice to one or two concepts from the those presented, I will take your feedback and refine or tweak your choice. These are referred to as design revisions and involve changes to shape, font, and proportions of the logo, but typically don’t involve changing the concept of the logo itself. 2 rounds of revisions are included in the fee paid.

What constitutes a round of revisions?

Within the scope of logo design, I offer 3-5 concepts with 2 rounds of ‘revisions’. A round refers to the action of me interpreting your feedback and applying it to the initial concepts to then present you with a new concept. It may be a number of small changes, or simply one or two tweaks. To make the most of your round, be sure to compile all of your feedback into one concise email with clear feedback. This way, I will be able to ensure I action all elements of your feedback to make sure you don’t ‘use up’ a design round unnecessarily. Any revisions after 2 rounds will incur an extra fee.

Website / Blog / WordPress FAQ

Do you create custom from scratch website or blog designs?

Yes, this is an option! If fact, there are two options when it comes to website or blog design:

  1. The most cost effective option includes major customisation of pre-designed WordPress themes, using my design skills to create a website or blog that fits your style and needs.
  2. Complete custom design is more of an investment, but will allow us to start from scratch and create the site of your dreams without the limitations of theme framework. However, if you take this option, I will be designing the look and layout of your site only and be providing you with the design files to then work with your web developer who will code your site to make it functional.

Don’t have a web developer? I know a guy! You can either choose to work with him directly, or for an extra fee, I can liaise with him for you!

Do you design e-commerce sites or online stores?

Unfortunately this is not a service that I offer.

Does your blog/website design service include Domain and Hosting purchasing?

No, it doesn’t, however I can give you some recommendations and I’d love to guide you through the process.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is designed to automatically shrink and expand when viewed on a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone. By having a website that is easily viewed on mobile devices means that you give far greater access to your online content to your viewer. With the introduction of the iPhone and iPad, the use of mobile website viewing has had a staggering increase of users. Getting your website designed as a responsive site is almost essential for the future viewing of your site as more and more people go mobile. Yes, I do design responsive websites.

Do you need all of my content before you can get started?

I certainly do! Almost all projects will require content up front. The design process requires a lot of planning before the fun part of being creative can begin! I have to consider all elements and understand the overall intended outcome before I even start to let the creative juices flow. Not only do I need to consider the relationship between images and text (for example) but things like the amount of copy you provide, the number of images and even the orientation of the photos effects the design produced. All text content must be fully edited and ready to go on the site before being supplied to me.

Can you write my content for me?

This is not a service I provide, all content must be written, edited and ready-to-go when supplied to me. 

If you would like recommendations for a copy writer, I can certainly offer that.

What is the difference between Web Hosting and Domain Hosting? Why do I need them?

An easy way to describe web hosting, is that it is like ‘internet rent’ – you pay a monthly or yearly fee to have your website housed on the world wide web. Hosting also supplies the resources to manage data storage and transfer for your website including emails. You can’t have a website without hosting.

Domain hosting is the address at which people can visit your website such as It is necessary for viewers to be able to access your website. Many web hosting companies offer both web hosting and domain hosting.

Hosting is not included in the design fees quoted, but I would be happy to recommend services that will suit your needs.

What website/blog platforms do you design for?

For now, I only design for self-hosted WordPress (not websites and blogs.

If you would like to have your current website transferred from another platform to WordPress, let me know, and we can discuss how best to do this.

What on-going support do you offer?

I offer 6 months support for all design-related elements.

I do not offer tech support, but highly recommend Chris Richardson at RTW Labs. Chris has a range of services from website optimisation, WordPress Admin management and more.

I'm new to WordPress, can you walk me through how to use it?

Never fear, while, I don’t offer one-on-one guidance, I can supply you with information, how-tos and tutorials on getting started with WordPress that you can work through at your own pace and you’ll be well on your way in no time!

Will I have access to my website's dashboard, or will you need to make all changes?

Once your site is complete, you will have full access to the admin dashboard of your website. This will allow you to make any changes to content and images, or any other changes you may need to make in the future. There may be some more complicated adjustments you would like to make down the road, and I’m more than happy to help out with those, but remember that a fee will apply.

Do you help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

As a designer, I do the basics when it comes to SEO for your website, but you may wish to get in touch with Chris from RTW Labs who is a wiz at all things optimisation to really get your site working at its peak!

Don't Be Shy

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