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There are a few questions that I get asked on a regular basis, these are ‘I don’t know what items to invest in’,  I don’t know what my style is’ or ‘I have a lot of clothes but none of them work well together, please help’!

Personally, I have also asked these questions and do you know what, there is no right answer. I do however, have some tips that I have learnt from my own style journey.

Style and taste are unique to each of us and they are what makes us special. Style is a way to express our individualism and to embrace how wonderfully we are created. For me, I am naturally very shy but fashion and design is a language that I have come to understand and have learnt to speak in my own way.

About five years ago, I got sick of every morning going to my closet and saying ‘I have nothing to wear’ but my closet was overflowing with clothes. I would purchase items for different events, which were mainly trend based and found that nothing went together. There was no harmony in my closet and it was utter chaos.

It was at this point that I decided not to purchase items on a whim and that I was going to have a closet clean out and pretty much start from scratch. So below are a few tips that I did to put my closet on a course for smooth sailing.


Work out what attracts you?

Do you love bright, bold colours? Are you attracted to monochromatic simplicity? Do patterns make you happy? We are all attracted to different items and my first step in understanding my personal style was to be ok with what I was attracted to. I had a bad habbit of buying items in my early twenties because they were ‘cool’ or ‘on-trend’ not necessarily because I loved them. I now only buy items that I love and that work well with my other items – I have come along way! I only kept the items in my closet that I loved and then I asked myself why do I like this? The answer a lot of the time was that I enjoyed wearing it and it looked good. I removed items that were ill fitting or I had only worn once. Once I did the cull, items started to go together and started making sense. Take time to work out what attracts you to pieces – you will start to see a common theme.


There are no wrongs when you be you

Be ok with you! That’s all there is to this tip. My figure is not very feminine at all, I have no bootie and no hips and oh I wish I could wear figure hugging dresses – I just can’t because they don’t suit me and I am ok with that! Style is about expressing ourselves and not about what is currently trending.


Your style grows as you learn more about yourself

The more that you embrace yourself, the more open you will be when it comes to style and fashion and the more confident you will be in purchasing investment pieces. My style is simplistic, comfortable and feminine with a twist. Some days I feel like wearing simple items while others I want to express my girlie side. These don’t compete, they compliment each other. It means that I will invest in a basic pair of black heels or a crop leather jacket as I still want to feel feminine while wearing a heavy piece.

These are just a few tips in getting you started on the understanding your style journey!

Mandy Andrews

Style + Beauty Contributor | Kaleidoscope at Amanda May
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