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Madeleine Burke is the creator of The Daily Mark who has been surrounded by the entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. This creative woman is hard-working and has created not only an amazing blog and business, but is not offering her advice and skills in the new Blogger Boss course designed to help bloggers learn about the tech side of their blog!

Tell us a little about you:

I’m a 27-year-old with brittle nails and a questionable obsession with jam scrolls. I love a good G&T, dancing to 90s hits and my main thrill in life is taking selfies with my pug Wilma.

Tell us about your blog/business/work/life and how you arrived where you are:

I’m a tri-business owner at the moment. I grew up in a self-employed home (Mum and Dad have worked together since they got married in the 80s) and that definitely instilled a love of work and a hatred for the 9-5 in me from a young age. I was addicted to computers since Dad brought home Windows 95 in 1996 and taught myself to code soon after (yes my MySpace profile was awesome!) After a stint at boarding school without a computer I ventured into a degree in Psychology realising (like most) that I hated it 2 years in and switched back to my first passion completing a Visual Communication Design degree where I met my now fiancé Eivind.

After finishing our degrees we moved from Newcastle to Sydney. I started my freelance business and a few years after we came together to start Hyphen. Focused on bringing web development up a notch and filling the gap between designers and developers we work with some amazing studios and designers around Australia and overseas to build websites with a little bit of pizzazz (pizzazz is cool again, I swear!)

Last year I finally launched my blog, The Daily Mark; a side project I’d had on the To-Do list for far too long. With thanks to some great advice I’ve managed to grow it to be a handy side income doing what I love and an amazing way of meeting like-minded people.

Lately added to my job description is Blogger Boss. An online course teaching bloggers the ins and outs of tech and how to make their blog work and look beautiful without becoming a developer themselves. It’s receiving some amazing support and feedback so far and I’m definitely excited to see where it leads!

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Describe your perfect Sunday:

Sleep in, morning walk to get something yummy for breakfast with Eivy and Wilma-Jean and a day of cooking followed by Netflix and vino!

You just can’t live without:

Coke Zero. I know it’s horrible for me. I don’t drink coffee and that’s my caffeine fix. I’ll be on Today Tonight one day on one of those ‘This girl drinks 52L of Coke Zero a day’ spots. (Note, I definitely don’t drink 52L a day!)

Who is your role model?

Ita Buttrose! Such an amazing, independent, strong woman. Love her and her bright choices of lippie!

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What would you tell your 16-year-old self?

Don’t worry so much about trying to fit in or holding yourself back as to not upset others. What makes you different is what makes you memorable and friends that can’t be happy for you when you succeed most definitely aren’t going to be there for support when you don’t!

What has been one of your biggest triumphs and how did you get there?

This was pretty awesome: one day I was at the butcher and a lovely girl came up to me and asked if I was Madeleine. She had read my blog (which I’d only started a month or so prior) and wanted a selfie together. We then bonded over our mutual love of cured meats. That beats any celebrity regram any day! I was also featured in Cosmo back in my freelancing days and Mum bought a copy to keep. That was pretty cool.

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What is your favourite quote?

Oh definitely one from a modern-day poet, Kanye West. “The point of life is to get s**t done and be happy.

Woman to woman – what would you like to say to Kaleidoscope readers?

You’re so much more capable than you give yourself credit for! Women are constantly getting put down. By people around them, especially other women (hate that!) and most importantly by themselves. If you want to do something you most definitely can! Ignore the haters and negative Nancy’s and just go for it!

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Hot or cold?

Hot! I’m basically the Mother of Dragons, love a good steaming shower or bath!

Sweet or Savoury?

Savoury! Cheese and antipasti are my kryptonite!

Book or Movie?

Book! I love TV shows but movies seem like too much of a commitment (says the girl who will watch two seasons of Gossip Girl in one day). Plus, the book is always better!

Coast or City?

City! I’m not much for sand. I grew up in the vineyards so the idea of the beach being relaxing and peaceful never really clicked for me. I love living in Sydney now with so much going on but I also definitely appreciate being able to head to the Hunter on the weekend for some R&R too!

Early bird or night owl?

I’m a bit of both! I’ll wake up early on a regular day or workload but if I really need to get some hustle in I’ll be up til 2/3 on the lounge with the TV going getting my code on! I tend to be more relaxed with my working hours. I work when I’m productive, I don’t when I’m not.

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