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So, you have read the 8 things I wish I knew when I started blogging, you’re taking on board my number one best tip for those looking to start a blog and have taken my advice to start your blog on WordPress. Well done you!

Or, maybe you have been blogging for a while and feel it is take to take your blog branding seriously and move the design of your blog to the next level.

In an ideal world we would all have the moolah to hire a designer to custom create a unique blog design that so perfectly expressed our personality and theme of our blog that we could hardly believe it. Truth is, a custom designed blog is expensive and not something the new blogger, or even intermediate blogger can afford.

So, what do you do?

How do you get your blog looking beautiful and start establishing your brand?

The answer is: themes.

I am going to post a two part series here on Kaleidoscope talking about themes. WordPress Themes Part 1: Resources, is where I will be sharing with you great resources for finding and purchasing themes for your self-hosted WordPress blog [not WordPress.com], and lucky for you, I’m sharing that today, right here!

The internet is full of websites offering WordPress themes. There is everything out there from the good, to the bad and the downright ugly and it can become very overwhelming to even know where to look.

I’ve done the hard work for you and complied 10 resources that offer truly lovely themes for blogs, websites and online stores.
Once you find yourself needing to use plugins, you can take a look over at this list of 20 wordpress plugins with over a million active users and see how they can improve your wordpress use.


CREATIVE MARKET offers a range of gorgeous graphic elements, typefaces and, yes, WordPress themes. The site allows a number of creatives to sell their designs, so you have the advantage of being able to see the work of more than one designer.


BLU CHIC has a collection of modern chic and feminine WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs’ websites and blogs; compatible with the latest WordPress version and have responsive layout for tablet and mobile.


PRETTY BLOG THEMES is a boutique theme shop created for lifestyle, beauty, and style bloggers. The themes are clean and minimal in design and are responsive for mobile devices. However, note that these themes are not stand-alone themes. You will need Genesis installed on your blog for these to work.


THEME FOREST has thousands, yes thousands of themes to choose from. Themes for blogs, ecommerce site (online stores), websites, and more. They are not all beautiful though, but with your own header and customisations you can create something gorgeous. I purchased the Flatsome theme from Theme Forest which is the base for Kaleidoscope.


BLOGZILLA, created by Natalie and Molly, is all about affordable and modern blog themes that are simple and stylish and let your content shine. The themes come with custom simple search bars, social icons, and functioning share buttons.


ELEGANT THEMES also offers a variety of themes for blogs, stores and websites with a variety of design options. You can gain access to all of their themes for just $69, which is very affordable, but be aware that not all of the themes allow very much customisation.


BLOG BEAUTY is for the photographer or the blogger who’s content is very image-heavy. They offer gorgeous, responsive, themes that allow your images to take centre stage and capture the attention of your clients or readers.


THEMIFY has a selection of themes for different kinds of blogs and sites, and is great if you are looking for something a little more corporate, but still beautiful. They even have some themes that are free, but these are limited in how that can be customised.


BLOG MILK offers both Blogger and WordPress themes that have a fashion and chic edge to them. There is a distinct Scandinavian feel to these clean, crisp, minimal designs.


BLOG ME PRETTY also offers both Blogger and WordPress themes. The designs are functional, beautiful and allow your content to stand out, while still giving your blog a gorgeous overall aesthetic. Each theme is available in a variety of colour options.

In Part 2 I will be taking you through the process of choosing a theme for your blog, what you should consider before you purchase a theme and how to know which one is right for you!

Until then, lose yourself in the gorgeousness that awaits you at the sites above.


Header image from Firefly Events, photographed by Jessie Webster, via The Glitter Guide


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